Australian Soldiers, members of 145 Signals Squadron, conduct exercise in Parkes

People of Parkes may have noticed members of the military about town a couple of weeks ago as the 145 Signal Squadron were here to conduct a high frequency long range communications exercise. 

The 145th Signal Squadron was established in 1954 as an Australian Regular Army CIS Squadron. 

Various elements of 145 Signal Squadron conducted fictitious communications training that contained scenarios based on hostages and extraction from hostile locations. 

High Frequency communications signals predominantly bounce between earth and the ionosphere that is located around the earth.

This form of radio signal often give long range communications ranging from voice to data burst information. 

The soldiers took time to view some of the attractions about Parkes such as Memorial Hill and the Parkes Radio Telescope as well as visit some of the eateries and cafes.

They also hinted at a possible annual return to Parkes.