Westcott family reunites in Alectown

Members of one of the oldest family names in the district came together on the long weekend to celebrate a special reunion.

The descendants of Joseph and Jane Westcott, who came to the Parkes district in 1862, gathered for the first such reunion of this line of Westcotts in their Australian History.

Organisers, Neil and Mark Westcott were thrilled to welcome over 200 people to the event, many having travelled great distances to attend.

“There were many highlights to the weekend,” Mark said.

“We enjoyed visiting the family farms of Bridgewater, Glenbrook and Kadina Park and touring both Alectown and Parkes Cemeteries.

“The gala dinner on the Saturday night was very enjoyable, as was the thanksgiving Church service at Mamre Farm on Sunday morning.”

Joseph and Jane’s property “Bridgewater” was the first farm officially taken up in the Alectown area in 1875.

“We had lunch at Bridgewater on the Saturday and unveiled a plaque honouring the reunion and our ancestors,” Mark said.

“Speeches were made, photos were taken and a time capsule – to be opened in 2050 – was buried.

“All joined in the excitement of rekindling family relationships or discovering connections for the first time.”

Mark said many people were involved in the 18 months of planning to make the event such a success.

“I reckon Joseph and Jane Westcott would have been quietly chuffed!” he said.

“We are who we are because of who they were.”