Letters to the Editor, thumbs ups

“It’s about respect” for former Member

Dear Editor

My views on Marriage Equality have changed dramatically over the years and I will be voting “yes” in the upcoming Marriage Equality Plebiscite.

For me it’s a vote about respect for people who share lots of values with me and have a similar way of life to mine, but whose home life is a little different to mine.

No one should be made to feel that they are a less valued member of our society because of who they love.

Even worse than that, a young person growing up in regional Australia should not have to be so afraid of being ostracised by speaking about wrestling with their feelings, that they keep all their thoughts, worries and concerns to themselves.  

We should be horrified to think a teenager has feelings of loneliness, isolation and depression, that may even lead to suicide, because society tells them they shouldn’t be who they are.

Young generations in countries that have had marriage equality for many years are quite happy for people to make their own decisions about who they love.

They think it is quite strange that we are going through a process in a modern Australia, where some of our population must ask permission of others in the community if they are allowed to commit to the partner of their own choosing.

It does not come naturally to me to observe affection of same sex couples and be completely relaxed about it.

But that is my failing, not theirs.

All the more reason we need to see a Yes vote in this plebiscite so the next generations are more welcoming than I have been.

We need to remember that words and arguments bandied about during this campaign can be hurtful barbs to the people we are talking about, because comments are about them personally, and judgement is being passed on their lives by people they don’t even know.

We should not be distracted by the side issues thrown up by the “No” campaign.

This vote is about the right of people in our community to choose who they marry, nothing more, nothing less.

There are those who have their own thoughts and reasons for voting No, and their view also should be respected, just the same as the need to respect the views of people making their own choices about their own lives.

Tony Lawler

Proud former MP for Parkes Electorate

Guest speaker appreciates country hospitality

Dear Editor

I was one of the speakers who presented last week as part of the CenWest Innovate Pricing Masterclass at the Railway Hotel which your paper kindly promoted. 

I just wanted to say how welcoming the attendees from Parkes, Forbes and surrounding areas were. 

It was quite an engaging discussion and afterwards I noticed that each attendee made a special effort to thank the organisers and presenters.  

Simple manners sometimes get lost in a fast moving world, but it is great to see that they are alive and well in your community.

Thank you.

John Burke

Central Coast

Make this weekend your home pool safety weekend

Dear Editor

I write to you as CEO of Royal Life Saving Society – Australia with an important message for your readers… please check your backyard pool fence, gate and latch.

Inadequate pool fencing and pool gates that are faulty remain a major contributing factor in the rate of drowning in backyard swimming pools among children under 5 years of age.

Royal Life Saving have developed a home pool safety checklist. This checklist allows you to conduct a self-assessment of your home pool and its surrounds to ensure it is safe for everyone to enjoy and minimises the risk of young children drowning.

Often pool owners don’t realise that their pool fence or gate is faulty which poses a threat to children’s safety. Pool fences, pool gates and latches should be regularly checked and maintained as parts can break or become defective over time.

Please visit www.royallifesaving.com.au and download the home pool safety checklist to make sure your pool fence, pool gate and latch is in working order.

The checklist does not substitute for a pool inspection. We urge you to get professional advice about your pool’s compliance, check regulations with their local council or go to the local hardware or pool shop to discuss how to ensure the pool is made safer in time for summer.

Adequate pool fencing is not a substitute for active supervision. Always Keep Watch of children around water.

Last summer saw a tragic number of lives lost to drowning, with rates more than four times the ten year average between Christmas and New Year. Sadly, children accounted for a significant portion of these preventable tragedies.

We don’t want to see the same devastating impact this summer so please make this weekend your home pool safety weekend.

Justin Scarr

CEO Royal Life Saving Society – Australia

Thumbs up

To the band of men and lady volunteers for the fundraising Can Assist garage sales.

Plus those donating the goods for sale.

The results are fantastic.

Thumbs up 

To the firefighters who have fought three house fires in Parkes this winter. Thank you for putting your lives on the line everyday for your community.