Hockey Grand Final | A grade Men's Hockey

BATTLE'S ON: Ben Hawken (centre) will fly the flag for the Magpies Masters in Men's A grade final, while (from left) Tim Somers, Carleton Magill, Koby Johnstone and Aaron Wright will represent Magpies Academy. Photo: Jenny Kingham
BATTLE'S ON: Ben Hawken (centre) will fly the flag for the Magpies Masters in Men's A grade final, while (from left) Tim Somers, Carleton Magill, Koby Johnstone and Aaron Wright will represent Magpies Academy. Photo: Jenny Kingham

Magpies Academy profiles:

Dan Wilson – Defender: Captain/Coach of the side who will try make it past 10pm on Grand Final night.

Jack Elliott – Striker: Best striker in town when not away playing rugby league or on dad duties.

Regan Hotham – Midfielder: Will be there on the whistle as usual after spending two hours strapping his knee.

Tim Somers – Utility: Has the best haircut in the side and probably the competition. Will use one of Reg’s sticks since he still hasn’t found his.

Josh Kearney – Midfielder: Moved into midfield this year after realising you have to put the ball in the net to be a striker.

Jackson Hay – Striker: Young striker that will be trying not to break his collarbone for the fifth time.

Matt Searl  – Midfielder: Wily old veteran of the midfield. Great tackler.

Pete Amor – Striker: Best runner in the team and will be looking for a back stick pass.

Carleton Magill – Goalkeeper: Will be manning the goals and hoping for a quiet afternoon.

Aaron Wright – Defender: Another star junior who will be looking for a run forward.

Jason Wright – Striker: Some of the best skills in the team, just needs to keep his stick on the ground at the back post.

Glenn Johnstone – Defender: Another of the veteran brigade. Will be hoping to get his body through back to back finals.

Koby Johnstone – Defender: One of the best juniors in town. Will just need to stop passing to Masters.

Riley Swan – Defender: Young Swanny has stepped up to A Grade with ease. Needs to get a better haircut.

Kyle Thompson – Utility: Another one that needs a new haircut. Will do the job when he gets on the field.

Honourable Mentions:

Will Searl:  – Injury/disease has cut short his season. Will be in charge of the whiteboard.

Andrew Rice - May yet play depending on how he feels after the B Grade match.

Craig Miles - Another B Grade star who enjoyed the space he found himself in in A Grade.

Magpies Masters profiles:

Daryl Tanswell- ‘New knees required’ Self appointed captain and selector of the masters outfit.  May lack match fitness due to his inherent obsession to have a holiday every month of the year.

Graeme Tanswell – ‘Junior’. Playing in his 150th career grand final is the tape that holds the masters team together. The Cameron Smith of the masters team, will control the match from the back.  

Luke Swindle - ‘Panadol’ Has been catching fly’s in the lead up, in anticipation of plenty of traffic coming his way from the star studded forward line of the magpies. 

Todd Skinner - ‘Elma Fud’ Is in career best form heading into the decider. Has had a break out goal scoring season this year almost scoring one goal. Superb defender and loves to get in the trenches with the troops.  

Steven MacGregor - ‘000’ Is literally limping toward the finishing line of season 2017 carrying more injuries than a bull rider. With his body held together by only tape and a tight shirt he will muster one last performance. 

Angus Arndell – ‘ the helicopter’ has wound the clock back. Scoring goals at will as he did when he was leading goal scorer for the Bindogundra Bushrangers u7s in the 1979 season. Preparation will be the key to Gus’s performance this Saturday after suffering Pat Rafter like cramps last weekend. Could be called up to take the penalty corners this week. 

Ben Hawken – ‘Tomahawk’ After scoring two tomahawk goals in the final last week there are large expectations on his little shoulders for a repeat this weekend. Still quicker than Jack Elliot over five metres and a concern for the masters is that he will enter the match fully for the first time in fifteen years. Shooting for his 23rd best on ground award in a grand final this weekend

Steven Collins –  ‘The flying Dove’ Is the first man in history to give a crop production forecast at half time of a match. Overcame a sickening cheekbone injury at the masters tournament in June with revolutionary ‘Dove wing’ treatment introduced by Parkes own physio Sharon Dixon

Joel Thomson – ‘Mitchell Johnson’- Since retiring from test cricket has taken to hockey like a duck to water. Leading goal scorer for the masters this season with three, will be looking to add to the tally this weekend. 

Tim Wright – His combination with Junior Tanswell will be a feature as it would appear they are both on the same channel on a regular basis. Filthy at the weather gods in recent weeks young Tim is expected to vent major frustration out on the magpies outfit this week. 

Andrew Finn –  ‘Rowdy’ The Roger Federer of the masters team, because of his calmness under pressure. Doesn’t sweat or puff during play such is his cool demeanour. The youngest member of the masters team and the only man game enough to tell Ben Hawken what to do on the field. 

Jayden Pusterla –  ‘brown snake shoulders’ Jayden a graduate from the masters development squad of 2016 has improved with each outing. Jayden has excelled in recent weeks to become the real danger man of the masters team.

Laurie Wakefield – ‘ the not so bionic man’ almost stands head shoulders above the rest for his goal scoring ability. Is the unofficial coach of the team and was recently voted the nicest coach in NSW, only announced at the 2017 nice coach awards in Sydney last week. Well done Laurie  

Peter Yelland –  'Digit' will be sorely missed this weekend. Some would say you can still play hockey even with your thumb in plaster, however we will see Pete in the dugout running subs & water for the guys. 

Richard Rice – ‘the gas axe’ Richard will be the wall in defence for the masters as he will dare the young magpies to go around him. His recent trip to Africa was in search of a cure for arthritis and hamstring tightness will be welcomed by the masters team upon his return.

Trent Thomson – ‘Season Over’ Trent will be missing from the team this week due to recent shoulder surgery. The injury was sustained in the running of the bulls earlier in the year, whilst laying cobblestones in the streets of Barcelona. 

Cooper Byrnes – ‘missing’ Has been a little bit like the rainfall events for 2017, few and far between on the attendance sheet.  Finally running into some match fitness late in the season after playing on a somewhat regular basis.