Hockey Grand Final | A grade Women's Hockey

Preview – men and women

B GRADE MEN: Magpies Academy versus Magpies Masters

Academy have been in excellent form and will start the match as firm favourites with junior players Koby Johnstone and Kyle Thompson in scintillating form. Masters will certainly be up for the challenge and will look to play a well-structured game to counteract the key players in Academy. Andrew Finn, Will Cassell and Angus Arndell will need to play big matches for their side to ensure victory.

B GRADE WOMEN: Rovers versus Magpies White

Rovers will start the match as favourites after a consistent season in A grade. Alyssa Miller, Christina Kruger and Carla Peden have all been creative in attack this year and will be threats to the Magpies defensive unit. Wendy Rix has been a welcome addition to the Magpies B grade side and will direct her troops around the park from her role at centre-half. Mel ten Cate, Chantel Constable and Kristy Collins have been very solid in recent weeks and are sure to be players to watch for Magpies. 

C GRADE WOMEN: Magpies Black versus Marist

Magpies were first into the grand final and have had a very consistent season with junior superstars Megan Searl and Lara Piercy both having amazing seasons for the black and whites. Senior players, Louise Witherow and Janelle Thompson will need to maintain calm heads and guide their younger players throughout the match.

Marist ooze experience, hoping to take advantage of many years playing in grand finals under pressure. Leanne Miles, Justine Morrissey and Sharon Dean-Moody will all be expected to perform strongly for their side.

Rovers Black profiles:

Gracey Denham-Jones – goal keeper – exciting young keeper who has made her mark on the NSW representative scene. Quick on her feet.

Emmie Searl – defender – junior player who has had a very impressive season. Exceptional reader of player with an amazing tackle.

Mandy Westcott – defender – her talk from the back will be crucial. Getting better with age. A solid defender.

Jacqui Simpson – outside half – has been one of Rovers’ most consistent players this year. Her defence is excellent as is her ability to inject herself into attack.

Bec Cowling – mid-field – extremely capable player who is brilliant in both attack and defence. Will be expected to play a big part in directing Rovers.

Georgia Kearney – outside half – has stepped into a defensive role very capably this year with excellent tackle work.

Denise Gersbach – mid-field - captain of the side who is very proud of the way the juniors have stepped up in the A grade competition. Will be encouraging her side all game.

Wendy Huppatz – striker/mid-field – skilful player with a high work rate in defence. Will relish any opportunity to get a shot away at goal.

Cass Ward – mid-field/striker – speed and skill to burn. Has had an amazing season and when she combines with her sister she is deadly.

Ash Ward – striker – impossible to tell apart from her sister, Wardy is creative in attack and uses her incredible speed to earn opportunities for her side. Was best on field in the final.

Abi Simpson – mid-field/striker – the most versatile player in the side. Has played almost every position this year with ease. Skill and speed are her biggest assets.

Georgia Huppatz – striker – silky skills and speed. Has the ability to create scoring opportunities for her team-mates. Will be working hard in attack all game.

Magpies profiles:

Maureen Massey – You won't get the ball past this one! Playing against her granddaughter she'll be keen to keep the ball out!

Codie Wakefield – Meet 'em at the mailbox’, code will be game face ready and no one will be going into her circle!  

Paige Hay – Pep will be running some yards this game. She'll be keen to come away with the win this weekend!

Niamh Dixon – Runs like a mad chicken all day and will put some goals away!

Syann Allen – Runs for days and will be running rings around the hockey field! 

Amelia Tanswell – Just like her dad... pulls off some great tackles!

Stacey Ross – Quiet and sneaky, she'll be one to find to take on the keeper!

Jess Ross – Up the front with her sister causing havoc and hopefully scoring goals! 

Wendy Rix – Just give her the ball and she's untouchable!

Karen Ross – Our versatile player who'll be impressive wherever she plays! 

Lori Ross – Tough girl Lori will put any player back in their place! 

Cherie Johnstone – Like a wise owl! Has the brains to win the game!