Lawn mower racing makes the cut

The Parkes Show has a long and proud history of providing a fantastic entertainment package which has resulted in many memorable moments for its patrons over the years.

This year is no different and sees the return of one of the more interesting events held at the Show in recent times.

Lawn mower racing makes its return as part of an action-packed programme which includes quad soccer, young farmer challenge, fireworks and the much anticipated Rooftop Express Spectacular.

Chief steward, Steve Chester, says “Mower racing is a great sport taking off across the country. It is a great way for locals to get involved and be a part of the fun at this year’s show. We love seeing locals being a part of our show and this is a great event for the crowd to watch.

The mower races are open to anyone over the age of 18 to enter and 2 classes of mower can compete. Stock mowers are unmodified and untuned, essentially as they were delivered minus their cutting blades. A course will be set up in a test of both speed and agility with the winner awarded the “Rusty Blade” trophy.

Then the amazing modified mowers will take centre stage. As the name implies these are not your everyday mowers. Non-standard motorcycle type engines may be fitted, wheel and driveline changes made and drastic, sometimes revolutionary aerodynamic adjustments made. The machine must of course have been built for the purpose of cutting grass.

Modified beasts will do battle in a series of knockout style drag races  in what will surely have even the most hardened rev head sitting on the edge of their seat . Waiting at the finishing line for the all conquering victor is the “Grass Cutters “trophy, not to mention bragging rights for the next twelve months!!

Members of the Parkes show committee, always up for a challenge, have secretly been developing a stable of awe inspiring grass cutters. While the team is still in the testing phase, and developing innovative ways to maximise the performance of their mowers they remain confident of being crowned champions.

The show has always been about locals exhibiting their creations and the reintroduction Lawn Mower Races is no different. It is hoped local businesses and individuals will get behind the event and organise an entry in this not to be missed event. Further information and the full list of rules is available from the show website or from the show office.