Seeds of Hope and sounds of Zambia as choir visits Parkes

The Seeds of Hope choir from Zambia is coming to Parkes.
The Seeds of Hope choir from Zambia is coming to Parkes.

The Seeds Of Hope choir from Zambia will visit Parkes next week, providing a night of entertainment and insight into life in Zambia.

Share the energy of African culture, hear stories from the teenagers in the choir and about the amazing work that is happening in Zambia.

The choir is made up of students at Grace Academy in Ndola, Zambia, which is an orphanage and school run by Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry.

It looks after almost 200 children and provides education for them to get a start in life.

The choir will be accompanied by the founders of Seeds of Hope from Canada, Zambian carers and two Parkes locals – Daniel Greef and Cameron Lawrence - who volunteer regularly in Zambia at Grace Academy. 

Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry (Canada) started in 1995 after hearing about the plight of children orphaned because of AIDS.

They opened a home in Thailand in 1996, followed by Buseko Home in Ndola, Zambia.

Grace Academy School was started to ensure the children at Buseko Home receive a good education and the tools to succeed in life.

Buseko Home is the only home in Zambia that caters specifically for HIV affected and infected children.

Seeds of Hope also provide excellent medical care for their children, with their aim being to save the lives of children by the care they provide and to give sustainable hope for the children and their communities by programs put in place.

Seeds of Hope also support other schools and programs in the region.

Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry Australia started in 2015, and is a joint project with Global Development Group, providing child sponsorship, support and volunteers to Grace Academy, and working with Seeds of Hope Canada for the children at Grace Academy and Buseko Home. 

The Seed of Hope choir performances will range from traditional songs to modern English songs, and hearing the stories of some of the choir members and the work of seeds of Hope.

As well as performing in Parkes and Forbes, the choir will perform in Sydney and along the coast of Western Australia.

This is the first time the choir members have been outside of Africa.

It will be an incredible adventure for them and an inspiration to their audiences, as they give energetic performances and share a bit about themselves to give the audience a taste of life in Zambia.  

They are looking forward to sharing a bit about their lives with the people of Australia.

The Seeds of Hope Choir will be performing at Parkes Christian School at 7pm on Thursday, August 17.

A gold coin donation is asked for entry.