Heather Veal’s “A trip to the tip” delights Quota ladies

Heather Veal.

Heather Veal.

At the most recent Quota meeting, as well as appreciating guest speaker Peter Guppy’s information on the need for more people to help with reading at our schools, considering the arrangements for the Open Gardens, splitting our sides with a brilliant fines session from temporary Sergeant At Arms Wendy Neville, capping it all was this wonderful, true tale from our poet extraordinaire Heather Veal. – Pam Nankivell.

“We’re going to the tip today,”

my beloved said to me.

“It’s going to be the last time

we get rid of stuff for free.”

I had waited long for this,

my heart began to lift.

As I thought of all the objects

a garbage trip would shift.

There’s the broken beach umbrella,

two deck chairs past redemption.

Assorted flower pots, old broom, buckets,

Too many things to mention.

So many things could go from here,

be they iron, wood or plastic.

I visualised the end result,

our yard would look fantastic!

I said “I’ll load the trailer,

you go and have a nap”.

Little did I realise

I’d fallen in a trap.

For never, ever throw things out,

be it from garden, shed or house.

Then, if you are unsure of it

show that item to your spouse.

I asked this question many times,

“Whatever use can this be?”

The answer was always just the same,

“It might come in handy”.

For every one he took back two.

“That umbrella can be mended.”

Recycling things HE’D salvaged

Was NOT what i’d intended.

Plastic, metal, garden waste,

they have a bay for each there.

But I really only went with him