Holy Family athletes impress at carnival

The annual Holy Family athletics carnival was held on Friday, June 8. All children participated with great enthusiasm and school spirit.

Athletics Champions on the day were:

Junior girls:

Champion: Georgia Rice.

Runner-up: Jemima Grosvenor.

Junior boys:

Champion: Spencer McGuire.

Runner-up: Mitchell Arndell.

11 year girls:

Champion: Josie Jones.

Runner-up: Isabella Miller.

11 year boys:

Champion: Kai Airey. Runner-up: Toby Collins.

Senior girls:

Champion: Jorja Simpson. Runner-up: Chloe Carty.

Senior boys:

Champion: Jack Rice Runner-up: Quinn Hennock

Champion House on the day was Currajong.  

Congratulations to Phoenix who were the winners of the spirit shield.

From this carnival a large squad of children have qualified to compete at the Cluster Carnival at Trundle on Friday, July 28.