Erratic Symbiosis Opening | Photos

The opening of the art exhibition Erratic Symbiosis was the closing activity for Reconciliation Week in Parkes.

The exhibit included a video installation by Jake Atienza, soil paintings and works by local artists Scott Turnbull and Scott 'Sauce' Towney, and art groups Parkes Painters, Parkes Potters and Craft Corner. 

The exhibition celebrated the success of the Wiradjuri Language Group with the launch of the music video “Elders Blood”, and showcases the art talents of the local Parkes area.

Local artist and curator Sean James Cassidy has been working with the Ub Ubbo Exchange in the Philippines for many years, with the exhibition celebrating ten years of this cultural exchange.

“Erratic Symbiosis explored the synchronicity, contradiction, intuition, rhythm, and textures in relationships,” Curator, Sean James Cassidy said.