Parkes Skate Park extensions underway

Following more than a year of discussion and consultation, the Parkes Skate Park is getting a makeover and long-awaited extension.

The project – carried out by Brisbane-based company Trinity Skate Parks – will cost $150,000 with the aim of constructing a junior development park for young skate enthusiasts.

The first load of concrete was poured at the Hooley and Armstrong street site on Wednesday, June 14.

The works proposed will entail the removal of the existing ‘double roll over’ feature and replacing it with a more functional and suitable rollover feature.

The current bank ramp and quarter pipes will be extended from the existing park.

And the extensions will feature a new beginner orientated funbox and flaw section.

The extension will adjoin to the southern side of the existing park.

It’s all estimated to take six weeks to complete, weather permitting.

Trinity has focused their upgrades based on its community consultation report to better reflect the community’s wants and needs.

From community discussions, it was found that a good range of age groups use the skatepark, with the majority aged between 15-19 years.

And that a good mix of scooter, BMX and skateboard riders utilise the facility.

Plans to further develop the skate park first emerged during a council meeting in February 2014, when then Councillor Belinda McCorkell said she wanted to see further facilities such as a bike track, barbecue and junior skate area put in place at the premises.