Parkes resident appalled at number of abandoned trolleys

To the Editor

I think it is time we gave Parkes a new name instead of “Home of the Dish”.

Maybe we could change it to “Welcome to trolley town”, home of the best shopping trolleys in the west.

Surely it is high time that our corporate supermarkets like Woolworths, Big W and Coles took some ownership of the plethora of shopping trolleys laying around the streets of Parkes.

I only mentioned the above supermarkets as I don’t see any from IGA or Aldi on my walks in the morning.

I also know the costs of these trolleys is not cheap and one would think they would only be too happy to lift their game, but apparently not and I know Coles has a smashed up one in Phillip Street because it’s still there.

Maybe someone in “City Hall” should be looking in to getting the ranger to fine these shops for littering the streets.

I find it amazing that council has not been pro-active in this matter to tidy up the town.

Maybe we can set up a hotline at the council to report trolley litter.

These trolleys lie around for weeks, not days and a drive up Bogan Street or Currajong Street will show anyone the ugliness of these trolleys lying about.

The solution obviously is to follow IGA and Aldi’s lead.

Dave Wilson