Do you know your Prostate PSA level?

MEN – What is your commitment to your family?

A good family man, takes his partner out to dinner occasionally.

Goes on weekends to watch his kids play sport.

Spends his spare time with the family, doing quality things.

And, also, importantly, is proactive about his health.

Especially when it is in relation to the health and well-being of his Prostate.

We, at Parkes Prostate Cancer and Support Group, share our own stories, and offer support to all men in relation to prostate problems.

We have all been there and know the importance of monitoring the health of the prostate.

We would like to see more men visit their doctor on a regular basis for a blood test, and get to know their own Prostate PSA level.

As I have said in previous articles early detection of prostate related issues is by far better than the cure.

Or when treatment is left too late.

We at Parkes Prostate Support Group meet every fourth Tuesday night of each month at 7pm, at the Parkes Neighbourhood Centre located in Currajong Street.

We generally have a guest speaker who speaks of prostate awareness, and current treatment advances.

This month we have a representative from the Parkes Neighbourhood Central and CanAssist who will share with us the financial assistance available to cancer sufferers in travel, accommodation and mediation.

We would love to see more men turn up, you don’t need to have prostate cancer or problems with your prostate.  

You just need to be committed to your family, and have a pro-active approach to your Prostate health.

Especially if you don’t know the importance of knowing your Prostate PSA level.

“Knowledge is power and prevention is better than the cure”.

Looking forward to seeing you, 7pm Tuesday night 23rd May.

Wayne Stewart, Media Officer

Parkes Prostate Cancer Awareness and Support Group