Forbes keep Under 12s scoreless

Under 12’s feel the loss hard!

K & H Earthmoving-Haulage & Central West Sheds Under 12s had the advantage of a home game this weekend but unfortunately struggled to use it.

Forbes kicked off and Parkes looked good running the ball up and passing out to players but points weren’t to be achieved.

Forbes gained possession and split Parkes defense line straight through the middle to score with a successful conversion.  

Defense looked good with Joe Monk, Jake Herring, Kane Coulston, Aiden Byrnes and Charlie Mahon working hard to keep Forbes from scoring.

Josh Bowd, Reese James, Jackson Parker-Lee, Jay Arrow, Bob Mc Ewen and Ty Davis drove the ball to the line but again Forbes held them out.

A penalty kick from Parkes didn’t find touch giving Forbes possession 20m from the try line.

Although Jake Herring and Aiden Byrnes fought hard to protect their wing Forbes eventually found a gap to score.

Forbes continued to add points after slicing through the middle of Parkes again to score just before half-time.

A team of fresh Parkes players took the field after halftime.

Forbes scored from the kick off giving them a 20 nil lead.

Dustin James, Oliver Thomas, Mason Leedham, Zac Slavin, Tyresse Wheeler, Toby Cox and Marley Moran fought hard to put the team in a position to score.

Defense continued to work hard with Mac Rauchle putting himself on the line to stop Forbes and strong tackles from Caleb Crisp, Zac Payseno, Billy Swindle and Brian Usher to stop Forbes from gaining ground.

Forbes managed to score in the corner, followed by another quick try.

The crowd were excited when Kaid Lydford made a break but unfortunately Forbes stopped him before scoring.

A Parkes error gave Forbes possession and they used it to score. Final score 36 nil.

Under 14 have another win!

Parkes Sportspower Under 14’s faced the local opposition on Saturday at Pioneer Oval as they took on Forbes. Finnley Neilsen was quick to open the score boards and score with a successful conversion by Michael Riley.

Parkes fought back with strong tackles from Jai Thompson, Col Rauchle, Dustin Ticehurst, Maia Haenga and Wilson Duffy.

Eventually Forbes scored with an unsuccessful conversion.

Parkes continued to work as a team with ball passing down the line saw Bailey Bowd score and Michael Riley convert.

Forbes retrieved the kick and chase and started their attack for points.

Parkes defense was strong again Ben Herring and Tyson Richardson joined the tacklers to help prevent Forbes from scoring.

Toby Miller retrieved the ball and headed for the try line.

Solid runs from Dustin Ticehurst, Finnley Neilsen, Michael Riley, Maia Haenga put Tyson Richardson in good position to score.

Conversion was successful by Michael Riley.

Kade Crisp retrieved a kick followed by a penalty giving Parkes a 15m advantage.  

Tyson Richardson made a break to score with a successful conversion by Michael Riley just before half-time.

Forbes returned to the field hungry for points with a half-time score of 24-4 Parkes way.

They put two quick tries on the board bringing the score to 24-16.

Kane Slavin put Parkes last points on the board, conversion was unsuccessful.

Austin Macgregor and Bailey Bowd continued to defend their side well with Kade Crisp and Col Rauchle defending theirs.

Ben Bloomfield joined the boys on the field to help hold Forbes out.  Final score Parkes 28- Forbes 16