Parkes Day VIEW Club rocks May meeting

During our May Meeting, we truly had a rocking time!  

As we munched our yummy luncheon at the Aastro Dish Restaurant, the Jelbart Duo were singing some great songs from last century!

John and Michelle sang such songs as Save the Last Dance for Me, All the Leaves are Brown, and Blue Moon.

The Jelbarts are another example of Parkes local talents, and have been entertaining Parkites (my made-up word for the residents of Parkes!) for 28 years – ever since they were married!  

And boy, they can really rock the place!

It must have been quite a sight to see 40 women eating their luncheon while rocking back and forth on their chairs to the music, plus stopping to join in on the singing every now and then.

Previously, we of course had our Business Meeting, and found out that one of our Smith Family “Learning for Life” school children had finished high school, which meant that we are not his sponsors any longer.  

But we are now sponsoring another school child.  

We have four in all.

 All the money we raise go to support these children, who need help financially to assist them in attending school.  

We, as one of the VIEW Clubs, help end poverty, one student at a time.

Vice President Zelma welcomed our new member, Margaret Westcott, to the Club.  

She is one more member to assist in activities to raise money for our Smith Family “Learning for Life” schoolchildren.

Since we Australians celebrate Mother’s Day in May, we also exchanged gifts in honour of all the attendees that are mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and cousins.  

That covered all that were present.

So we all went home with a small gift, such as warm bed socks, jewellery holders, hand cream, skin lotions, some chocolates and so on.

Upcoming events include another Trivia Night in August, our Birthday Party in September, and our Christmas Party in December.  

Of course, also, there are the Meetings each month, with a scheduled guest speaker or entertainer.

As a VIEW Club, we plan each Meeting so that we promote the Voice, Interests and Education of Women.

All women are invited to join us to assist in this activity.  

Look for the advert in the Champion Post for the details of our June 6 Meeting.

You can also ring our Secretary Pamela on 6863 - 4552 for information.