RV Club members muster in Peak Hill

 RVs at the ACC Kingaroy Chairman’s Muster in March. Photo credit: Bob Beck.
RVs at the ACC Kingaroy Chairman’s Muster in March. Photo credit: Bob Beck.

Peak Hill is the venue for a Chairman’s Muster of the Australian Caravan Club (ACC) to be held next month.

The muster will take place from May 18 to 23 at the Peak Hill Showgrounds.

A full programme is in place for members attending.  

The programme includes a farm visit, tour of The Dish, visit to Goobang National Park, a guided tour of Snake Rock including a traditional lunch and entertainment, a visit to the market night at the Services Club, a ‘Bring out the artist within’ art class with a well-known local artist, golf, barefoot bowls, an historic walk around town and a sunset tour of a Gold Mine.

ACC Chairman Craig Humphrey said the purpose of the Chairman’s musters are three-fold.  

“The first purpose is to provide a social event for our members,” he said. 

“The second purpose is to provide a venue where members can sit down with the Chairman and other Club Officials face to face at Happy Hour and provide feedback. The third purpose is to provide economic support back into regional towns that support RVers.”

Mr Humphrey said that the Club are expecting from 70 to 100 members in 35 to 50 RVs to attend the Peak Hill muster.  

The Club recorded an average daily spend per RV unit of between $100 and $110 at its Chairman’s muster at Kingaroy in South-East Queensland earlier this year.

“I’m really looking forward to the muster which will provide an opportunity for me to meet and chat with members which is what our Chairman’s musters are all about,” Mr Humphrey said.

“In addition to the attractions and sight-seeing, our members will naturally enjoy their daily Happy Hour.”  

The Chairman extends an invitation to fellow travellers and residents of Peak Hill and its surrounds, who would like to use their RV more, to join himself and Club members for Happy Hour at the Muster on Saturday, May 20, at 4pm.  

“This will provide an opportunity for other RVers to come along and learn more about the Club.  Interested travellers and residents with RVs should RSVP to me on 0409 605 890,” Mr Humphrey said.

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