Fierce competition for Parkes View Club's Trivia Night

The VIEW Club took over the Bowling and Sports Club once again for a Trivia Night.  And boy, oh boy, the competition was very fierce!  

About 70 Parkes folks showed up, and they made up 11 tables of teams.  There were many that have been at our Trivia Nights previously, and they knew how challenging the questions and photos that Charlie Pecenka designed for the evening would be.  We also welcomed many new faces to the game.

The questions were about local and national events.  Do you know what horse won the 2010 Melbourne Cup? I didn’t, but some folk did!  I found out though, cos we were told the answers at the end of the night.

I did know about what band Tom Fogerty was best known for, though.  And I knew the value of Pi, too.

As usual, the black and white photos of local places were very challenging!  It is still a worry that a local bloke (Charlie) was wandering up back lanes and side streets taking photos, and he didn’t get in trouble with anyone!  There were pages and pages of photos, and the typical comments that were heard were, “That looks so familiar, but where is it?  What is it?”   

One photo was of an extended roof at a back lane, showing several over-head lights. Of course, as soon as we were told it was Woolies, the crowd said, “Oh yes!  That’s right!”  

To keep up our brain’s working at full power, the crowd was served some yummy snacks throughout the night, and then a really fantastic supper was served to everyone, along with tea and coffee.  All the fresh food was made by the VIEW Club members.  (Maybe we should print a booklet of recipes to sell, heh?)

“The Voice” was one of our favourite professionals – Tom Furey.  Tom quite often is the Trivia Night “Voice”.  He knows how to control the crowd during the big competition.   Plus, of course, he has a very good voice!  And a good sense of humour, too.

Charlie wasn’t available to do his usual job of marking, but he was able to organise a substitute.  It was Katherine Cannon, who is also works at the Champion Post. (Like Charlie, she was NOT able to be bribed. Not that I tried, of course!!) Katherine also took photos of us.

So, you say, who were the winners?  It was the Hopefuls that had the winning table. Congratulations to Lyndell Bowen, Robyn Smith, Lyn Ryan and Kerrie Churchill!   

Second Place winners were the Misfits.  Pam Patrick was the Captain, and her team was made up of John Patrick, Krys Szabo, Elvie Collins, Helen Williams, Cathy Rawsthorne, and Kim Horan.  There were only 2 points between First and Second Place.

The Third Place table was the True Blues.  The team Captain was Kacey Nightingale.  Her teammates were Simon Ellis, Kylie Ellis, Talesha Ellis, David Nightingale, Joan Ellis, Ian Ward and Sandie Ward.  And, they too, were very close to the First and Second Place teams’ scores.

And “good try” for the other 8 tables!

All the tables had been given little chocolate treats, but the winners, of course, had handfuls!  The Misfits also were given certificates to prove that they won on the night.

All the monies raised by the entry fees and the raffle (a big tray of fruit and vegetables from the IGA) goes to help us support the Smith Family “Learning for Life” schoolchildren that the Parkes Day VIEW Club sponsors.

We will have another Trivia Night in August – so look out for our posters, announcements on 2PK and ROC/FM, plus the notices in the Champion Post.

One other event that the Club usually arranges in the cooler months includes a luncheon of “Soup and Sweets”.  Look out for info about time and place for this happening. And of course the details will be in the Champion Post.

Does all this sound like something you would like to take part in?  Come and join us at the next VIEW Club Meeting, on 4 May.  Again, look for the notice in the Champion Post.  Or contact our Secretary Pamela (6863-4552) and book in for the luncheon.

And what was the 2010 winner of the Melbourne Cup??  It was Americain!  Tom Fogerty’s band was Creedence Clearwater Revival.  And the value of Pi is usually written as 3.1415, although it goes on forever.