Parkes and District Junior Cricket Association

Parkes under 12: Rep team that played in the final against Dubbo Blue. Photo: Chanell Jones. Raffle tickets on sale one for $2, three for $5, six for $10 and 12 for $20. Raffle will be drawn at the conclusion of the Presentation Ceremony on Saturday.
Parkes under 12: Rep team that played in the final against Dubbo Blue. Photo: Chanell Jones. Raffle tickets on sale one for $2, three for $5, six for $10 and 12 for $20. Raffle will be drawn at the conclusion of the Presentation Ceremony on Saturday.

Tomorrow the Grand Finals for the under 14s and under 12s kicking off from 8.30am. All players from u14s, u12s and u10s will then converge on North Parkes Oval for the Presentation Ceremony at 11.45am.

Arrangements for Saturday: Under 14 and under 12 teams note that finals begin at 8.30am sharp. Report to team managers/coaches by 8.15am at the latest.

At the conclusion of the under 12 final and under 10s games all players, parents and supporters are requested to report immediately to North Parkes Oval in preparation for the Annual Presentation Ceremony which is scheduled to start at 11.45am.

Managers of all Parkes teams should return their cricket kits to PDJCA’s Gear Steward Paul Carty at the Northparkes Oval Storage Shed immediately upon arrival at Northparkes Oval. Scorebooks and Result sheets should be returned to PDJCA Records and Publicity Officer Kerry Spence at the North Parkes Oval canteen. 

Team Photos: A photographer from the Champion Post will be on hand from 11.20am to take team photos upon arrival at North Parkes Oval. Managers assemble their team ready for photos and write out players names correctly for publication.

It is important that Saturday’s Presentation Ceremony starts as close as possible to 11.45am and senior cricket semi-finals that begin at 1pm.

Draw for Grand Finals on Friday, March 17 and Saturday, March 18. Friday, to begin at 5.45pm, players need to be there by 5.30pm.

Under 17s: Parkes Red versus Gunns Mensland at Northparkes Oval.

Presentation of Awards for under 17s Friday Night. The Kevin Klein Memorial trophy for the Parkes under 16 representative player showing achievement and sportsmanship in 2016/17. The PDJCA under 17 Best and Fairest trophy plus certificates to the leading Best and Fairest point scorers for each under 17 team. Scorers award to scorers who have returned neat, accurate and complete scorebooks. Presidents Appreciation Awards. Hat-trick trophies for 2016/17. Premiership hats to the Premiership under 17 team.

Under 14s: Dunns versus Hawkes at Northparkes Oval.

Under 12s: Parkes Blue versus Parkes Red at Keast 2.

Under 10s: The Parkes under 10s teams will meet at Keast one where their Coaches/Managers will split them into two teams for a friendly social game again this week.

Presentation Ceremony Awards for Saturday at 11.45am. Miniature cricket bats to under 10 players.

The Peter Chambers Memorial trophy for sportsmanship and achievement in the Parkes under 14 Representative team. The Joy Skinner Memorial trophy for sportsmanship and achievement in the Parkes under 12 Representative team. The Nic Fisher Memorial trophy for enthusiasm and improvement in the Parkes under 12 Representative team. The Keeghan Tucker Encouragement Award for Girls. Laminated photocopied score sheets featuring an outstanding bowling analysis in a Parkes representative game during 2016/17. Awards to players who have represented Western Zone in Kookaburra Cup and Western PSSA teams in 2016/17.

Best and Fairest Certificates for the players in each team in under 14 and under 12 who collected the most 3, 2, 1 points during the season. Best and Fairest trophies for the overall winners in each grade. Scorers award to scorers who have returned neat, accurate and complete scorebooks. Presidents Appreciation Awards for people who have contributed to the successful functioning of PDJCA this season. Premiership hats to under 14 and under 12 Premier teams.

Grand Final Previews: Closely contested matches will feature in the under 17, 14 and 12s finals for 2016/17 season.

Under 17’s: Minor Premiers, Parkes Reds have played strongly during the season and will be tough to defeat. The Gunns Mensland team have been in fine form and are entitled to be confident about their chances. Players such as Josh Duffy, Nick Mackenzie, James Mackenzie, Hudson Hawke, Mitch Wright and Russell Bicket will lead the way for Parkes Reds while Gunns Mensland have talented players lead by Corey McDean, Luke McDean, Cameron Smith and Bill Ryan to put in big efforts.

Under 14’s: Classic contest as Dunns and Hawkes have been consistent front runners in the u14 competition. Dunns will be well led by Ryan Dunn who will look to players such as Will Duffy, Ben Cooper, Frankland Ross and Miki Dunn for big efforts. The Hawkes will have capable representative players such as Harrison Bayliss, Koby Johnstone and Hunter Hawke to give good reason why they will be hard to defeat.

Under 12s: The under 12 grand final sees the front running Parkes Blues (minor premiers) take on the very keen Parkes Reds team in what is sure to be fine game of cricket. The Blues have in form players such as Joseph Tanswell and Liam Moody to lead the way. They will look to players such as Jackson Plummer, Jayden Pope, Geordie Duncan and Ricard Gaut to give of their best. The Reds after a good victory over the strong Bernardis IGA team in the semi final will be keen to repeat this form in the grand final. The Reds will be spear headed by talented players such as Ryan Dunford, Harry Jones and Maddy Spence.

Results from March 10 and March 11. Under 17s: Parkes Red 2/46 in 8 overs (Nick Mackenzie 13 n.o, James Mackenzie 14 n.o, Darcy Jones 1/2, Zeke Hartwig 1/6) defeated Frank Spice 8/40 in 18 overs (Toby Hurford 6, Josh Duffy 1/0, Corey Thompson 1/2, Hudson Hawke 1/3, Russell Bicket 1/3, Nick Mackenzie 1/6, Brad Burrell 1/7, Luke Knowles 1/7). Gunns Mensland 8/110 (Corey McDean 54 n.o, Luke McDean 13, Harry Dawson 2/8, Will Searl 2/13, best fielder – Cody Hall) defeated Parkes White 9/88 (Will Moore 43 n.o, James Ellery 10, Sam Mackay 2/7, Callum Ward 2/10, best fielder – Callum Ward).

Under 14s: Dunns 5/51 (Ben Cooper 14 n.o, Abigail Simpson 8 retired, Issac Sly 2/3, Clinton Hooper 1/5, best fielders – Angus Bryant and Sam Bryant) defeated Forbes AWB 7/18 (Hugh Squire 6, Oliver Squire 5, Will Duffy 2/1, Brody Clarke 1/1, best fielders – Ryan Dunn and Frankland Ross). Hawkes 3/96 (Koby Johnstone 17 n.o, Michael Riley 16 n.o, Toby Matheson 1/15, Callum Farmer 1/15, best fielder – Darcy Leadbitter) defeated Mathesons Earthmoving 6/66 (Darcy Leadbitter 25, Stu Gordon 19 n.o, Calvin Matthews 2/11, Tynan Matthews 1/2, best fielders – Harry Bayliss).

Under 12s: Parkes Blue 6/94 (Liam Moody 21 n.o, Joseph Tanswell 11 n.o, Tom Maslin 1/5, Noah Grieve 1/6, best fielders – Noah Grieve and Jake Smith) defeated Forbes Livestock 9/71 (Tom Maslin 13 n.o, Amy Maslin 8, Joseph Tanswell 2/3, Geordie Duncan 1/4, best fielder – Jackson Plummer). Parkes Red 2/92 (Ryan Dunford 17 n.o, Harry Jones 16 n.o, Lachie Bell 2/8, Ella Greenhalgh 0/1, best fielder – Jonah Little) defeated Bernardis IGA 9/90 (Henry Hodges 32 n.o, Ben McDonald 2/9, Ryan Dunford 1/4, best fielders – Ryan Dunford and Harry Jones).

Representative Cricket: The final u16 Challenge match of the season with Lachlan Cricket Council, Parkes u16s travelled to Forbes on March 12. After winning an exciting pre-Christmas u16 game against Forbes in Parkes, this time the tables were reversed as Forbes gained a comfortable victory.

The scores were: Forbes 7/269 in 50 overs (Harrison Leadbitter 117, Corey McDean 35, Jimmy Kuntze 35, Zeke Hartwig 18 n.o, Cameron Smith 16, Finnley Neilsen 2/27 off 4 overs, Mason Ruzgas 1/24 off 4 overs, Jonah Ruzgas 1/32 off 10 overs, Cody Crisp 1/32 off 7 overs, Mitch Wright 1/39 off 10 overs) defeated Parkes 9/154 in 35.3 overs (Nick Mackenzie 74, Mitch Wright 17, Ryan Dunn 10, Josh Smith 8, Finnley Neilsen 8, Toby Hurford 3/10 off 7overs, Corey McDean 5/17 off 5.3 overs). Forbes won by 115 runs. Highlight: Innings of 117 by Forbes opening batsman Harrison Leadbitter. Nick Mackenzie of Parkes batted very well to smash 12 boundaries in a fine innings of 74 runs.

Raffle: During finals for u17s, u14s and u12s, tickets will be on sale. Prizes include: A personally signed copy of Mitchell Johnson’s Autobiography – “Resilience” courtesy of Mrs Noeleen Rathbone, three brand new state of the art Masuri Cricket Helmets (drawn separately) and four Cricket Books courtesy of Mr Michael Greenwood (drawn seperately) to list a few.