Letters to the editor

Parkes resident Bill Shallvey says Webwords often disappoints due to the amount of negativity expressed by users who voice opinions online.
Parkes resident Bill Shallvey says Webwords often disappoints due to the amount of negativity expressed by users who voice opinions online.

Repository of negativity

While I enjoy most of the Champion Post and have got somewhat used to the new format, there is one section that often disappoints me. While it might be the “new age” and I remain a “dinosaur” - Web Words often disappoints me.

It is too often a repository of negativity and while everyone has a right to lodge a legitimate comment as they see fit - it seems to snow ball into other comments that are a tad nasty, trifle, and / or incorrect.

In the Friday March 3rd edition the “Web Words” section the knives were out for Parkes Shire Council.

In Australia we seem to be too eager to kick local government without acknowledging what a fantastic job they do.

Parkes is extremely fortunate to have such a fantastic Council.

We have a wonderful group of hardworking and talented Councillors, talented and professional Leadership, Department Managers and staff, and a hardworking courteous group of outdoors workers.

We don’t get a great new hospital, Police Station, tourist centre, town amenities, beautiful parks, improved waste facilities, and gardens, swimming pools etc., etc. by luck.

Not to mention some of the best library, airport, sporting facilities and road networks that are the envy of many other local government. areas.

Let us a least balance the comments and give PSC the credit they rarely receive but richly deserve.

Bill Shallvey


Locked out of hunting

230,000 licenced, law-abiding firearms owners could be locked out of hunting and feral animal control in New South Wales if changes to the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) are adopted here.

The Federal Government quietly released the NFA online in the dead of night late last month without the usual fanfare and media announcements. The cynic in me wonders whether this is because the Government has something to hide.

Changes in this document do not address firearms crime or illegal guns; instead it punishes licenced, law abiding firearms owners who are currently doing the right thing.

I’m calling on the New South Wales Police Minister Troy Grant to clarify the NSW Government’s position on changes to the NFA and to guarantee that no farmer, hunter or other firearms owner will be worse off. I doubt I’ll be receiving a straight answer.

Before the Orange By-Election Mr Grant was saying he was the firearm owners friend in opposing the Adler A110 licence category change – but after election day he just rolled-over for the Prime Minister. He just did whatever the Liberal Party told him to do.

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party know that firearms are a normal part of life in rural communities for feral animal control, primary production, hunting and target shooting. Unlike others who are just pretending, we won’t be beholden to fringe city-based groups.

The NFA heralds many changes for firearms owners, and we’ll be scrutinising this document carefully before the New South Wales Government ratifies any changes here.

Robert Borsak MLC

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party

Kidney disease a killer

Did you know that kidney disease kills more people each year than breast cancer, prostate cancer or even road traffic accidents?

This week is Kidney Health Week, and HCF – Australia’s leading not-for-profit health fund, is supporting Kidney Health Australia to call on locals to better understand the condition so that they can act early.

Dr Richard Phoon

Senior Staff Specialist in Nephrology,

Western Renal Service at Westmead Hospital.