Digby ‘Dig’ Richards inducted onto the Elvis Wall of Fame | Photos, video

“It was sensational, absolutely marvellous” were the words of Dig Richards’ best friend Lucky Starr.

Lucky was of course talking about this year’s Parkes Elvis Wall of Fame induction ceremony which saw the forgotten rock and roll and handsome sensation that was Dig Richards, forgotten no more.

Dig was inducted on the wall on Wednesday in the presence of the many close family and friends who loved him dearly, as well as the many fans who adored his music just as much.

Among those present were previous inductees and some of his best mates Lucky Starr (2006), Robie Porter (2016) and Little Pattie (1997).

Dig’s daughter and grandson were also present, as was a number of extended family members and even his 1950s fan club president Beverley Prouting.

Dig’s brother and Parkes man Doug Richards, who had the honour of representing Dig, unveiled the plaque.