It is time to “Man Up” and stop putting off the prostate examination

It cannot be said often enough that prevention is better than the cure.

This is so true in relation to all cancers, in particular, prostate cancer.

The number of men who keep putting off the prostate examination for whatever reason is on the increase and as result the number of causalities is on the increase.

It is time to “Man Up” and be mindful of the health possibilities and the consequences.

The irony is that men do wonder or question the possibility of having prostate cancer but still will procrastinate.

Mindfulness of one’s health and taking the necessary action can decrease the stress to both the individual and the family prior to and afterwards.

Wendy Winnell (PhD) writes that “mindfulness could help men to cope when living with cancer”.  

The very thought of having cancer places all associated with it under great stress.

It is essential to seek the necessary advice to deal with this situation.

Physical exercise or meditation are suggested ways of coping with this stress.

Another quote that can apply to men wondering whether they have prostate cancer is “do not keep your head in the sand”.

This is a plea to all men to take action and avoid stressful situation to both themselves and their families.

Visit your doctor and take to necessary steps to ensure you are stress free.

With prostate cancer now there is so many different options and clinical trials that can make the procedure so much easier and more personal.

The Parkes Prostate Cancer Awareness and Support Group has also been set up to assist those asking questions and those who have been through the process of prostate cancer.

It also welcomes anyone experiencing any kind of cancer.

We meet every fourth Tuesday of the month at the Parkes Neighbourhood Central.  

Our next meeting is Tuesday, October 25 at 7pm.

Remember “Do not keep your head in the sand”.