Parkes junior competition underway with 26 new recruits

HOT SHOTS: Some of Parkes' junior tennis players involved in the Parkes Tennis Centre's Hot Shot Tennis program.
HOT SHOTS: Some of Parkes' junior tennis players involved in the Parkes Tennis Centre's Hot Shot Tennis program.

A fabulous start to junior comp for the term and a well done to all the Orange ball players. There are some 26 new players who have joined junior comp this term and they did very well in their first attempt at match play.

Squad members looking after the Orange ball players this term Holly, Abbey and Laura all reported back that the new players were a little nervous and unsure to start but soon relaxed, and made some serves into play and worked hard at their scoring which we all know is difficult in tennis with no obvious pattern for the children to work with.

The development of these Orange ball players this term will be evident as they continue with their HotShots lessons and will now understand more about serving and the games based learning they are involved with at their lessons. Just a reminder that if players are 5 minutes late for their match after the whistle blows to start their opponent receives 2 games head start.

The pathway in junior tennis continues to evolve and now well over 100 juniors are involved in competitions and tournaments throughout the different programs on offer.

As space is restricted it is difficult to report on individual results as has been done in the past so each week the ACE will endeavour to choose just one or two divisions and concentrate on those players matches.

Cody Morgan had a great start to junior comp last week with a 4 games to 2 win over Jordan Richardson in the Aces division. A super job by Toby Collins in his attempt at comp tennis when he did very well to keep good mate Charlie Mahon to a 2 all draw. Charlie was a good sport and helped Toby in his first match with positioning and filling out the scorecard etc as well.

Harry Simpson and Lily McCormick played a 3 all draw as did Zoe Anderson and Tim Nyugen. The Aces division could well provide some very close results this term if the opening round is any indication. It may well be whoever is the most consistent throughout the term will be at the top of the leader board.

The Orange Federers Division was hard fought. Lucy Hall and Ruby Wilson are training partners and they had a lovely match. Ruby did very well with her scoring while Lucy made some good serves into play. Coen Glastonbury was a bit worried about starting comp but he and Bill Mahon did very well in their match. Both boys will be working hard on their serving in the coming weeks but left the court with a smile on their faces so that’s the most important aspect of junior comp definitely not the result.

Caylan Neilsen and Mitch Wirth took to the court and tried their best to get some serves into play and hit some returns. 

Tia Dunn was all smiles as usual and loved her first try at comp tennis. Nate Harrison was busting to hit balls and perhaps thought because his division was called Federers, he could take on Roger Federer himself in round 1. He was an eager competitor and showed plenty of enthusiasm as he and Tia had some beaut shots on display.