A kiss a day keeps divorce at bay!

Today is International Kissing Day today and new research reveals the importance of kissing in both initial chemistry and relationship success. 

Whether a peck or a pash, research has found that kissing is the key to a happy partnership, with those in a relationship (37%), de facto (30%) or married (29%) all revealing they need at least one proper kiss a day to feel satisfied.

  • 29% of married Australians need one proper kiss a day to feel satisfied
  • One in four Aussies refuse to go on a second date with a bad kisser
  • One in five Aussies will break up with someone if they are a bad kisser
  • 59% believe compatibility is important when kissing 
  • 43% of Australians will kiss on the first date

However, for those in the throes of new love the magic number increases to between 3-4 kisses a day to feel satisfied. 

Katia Loisel, Body Language and Kissing Expert said kissing can increase attraction, boost oxytocin (the cuddle hormone that induces connection and intimacy) and reduce conflict and stress.

“Therefore, couples who kiss frequently are also more likely to feel happy and connected as well as experiencing additional benefits from increased touch, eye contact and intimacy. It is such a small action that can reap big rewards for couples,” Katia said.

Keeping your lips on lockdown is not the only thing that may spell relationship doom; skill is also important, with one in five Aussies admitting they would break up with someone if they were a bad kisser.

Well-honed kissing skills appear to be more important to women, who are twice as likely as men to break up with a bad kisser.

“Numerous studies have shown that women place more importance on kissing than men and use kissing as a form of mate selection, and a way to initiate, maintain and evaluate the health of their relationship. Whilst a bad kiss can be a deal breaker, a fabulous kiss can be a game changer with studies showing that a good kiss can actually make you appear more attractive,” said Katia.

While bad breath is the number one ‘kiss-breaker’ according to 68% of the population, followed by too much saliva (24%), and sloppy or noisy kissing (14%), over half(59%) of Aussies agree compatibility is what’s really important when kissing.

Further illustrating the significant role smooching plays in relationship success, almost half of Australians want to gauge kiss compatibility early on in courtship with 43%revealing they kiss on the first date and 25% admitting they won’t go on a second date if the kiss is bad.

“For most people, their very first kiss is an emotionally intense experience; a heady combination of nerves, anxiety, anticipation and excitement. The exchange of sensory information during a kiss provides non-verbal clues about the other person, their genetics, compatibility and level of commitment. These clues affect how attracted we feel and help us make a subconscious decision as to whether to go for round two or pursue a relationship,” Katia said.

To help those looking to increase their chances of scoring a snog today on International Kissing Day, the research also revealed the top three qualities that inspire Aussies to pucker up. 

Trumping physical attributes, Australians have said a great personality (72%), chemistry (69%) and a great sense of humour (60%) are the top three qualities likely to get you a pash.

But don’t forget your toothbrush! 

Good and clean teeth are still very important for 46% of Aussies.