Leonard Joseph Massurit

Len Massurit. His passion was his sheep but he also loved to fish with his mates.

Len Massurit. His passion was his sheep but he also loved to fish with his mates.

Len prided himself on being inventive around the farm

Leonard Joseph Massurit (Len or Lenny) was born in Parkes at St Elmo Private Hospital on October 25, 1933, the son of Thomas and Eileen Massurit and younger brother of Raymond.

Len lived on the family farm ‘Woodburn’, Bumberry where he went shooting, rabbiting and helping out on the farm.

He attended school at Bumberry for a short time - schooling wasn’t his scene.

He attended many dances in the district and enjoyed playing tennis.

In 1952, after serving in National Service for three months, he met Gloria through a friend of his brother Ray.

Friends and neighbours would go in groups travelling to Nelungaloo, Baldry to Barber’s woolshed, Red Hill, Mandagery and Manildra to many a ball or dance.

On the October, 8, 1955, Len married his one and only love, Gloria Townsend and moved down to ‘Jubilee Farm,’ Bindogundra to work on the farm.

In April, 1958, their daughter Leanne was born followed by Geoffrey in December, 1961.

In 1966 with the sudden death of Gloria’s father Frank, Len took over the management of the farm and with much hard work, eventually purchased it.

Len’s great interest and passion was sheep.

They were always the priority.

He liked the fine wool merino sheep and later on went into the breeding of dorpers.

He always followed up any new breeds and crosses that showed potential or were in his bible; The Land Paper.

No one dared to argue with him if it was in The Land, as he read it from front to back and inside out numerous times.

Len prided himself on being inventive around the farm, with a need to make things easier for everyone.

He designed a feed out bin to feed the sheep behind his ute before anything like it was on the market.

He always joked that he should have had it copyrighted.

He fitted an FJ Holden motor on his auger and it was the first electric start auger in the district.  

The motor has been done up and it’s still going to this day.

Len’s other interest was fishing.

As a result he purchased a boat and took the whole family and his brother Ray and Colleen would join him.  

They would travel to Burrinjuck, Burrendong and Wyangala Dam.

Len and Ray were both the keen fisherman and would fish while the kids would whinge until they got dropped off at the shore, where rocks and goodness knows what was thrown into the water.

In 1969, Len and Gloria went to New Zealand with the Andersons, for their first overseas holiday.

Sadly, in August 1977, he lost Gloria to cancer at the young age of 41.

The farm was paid for, had a new car, went on a family holiday to QLD and then in his words ‘She was gone’.

After his first love passed on, more opportunities arose for Len to go fishing with his mates.

He and his mates took trips to Brewarrina in 1979 which continued on a yearly basis.

A few years later, he travelled and went to America with the Horner’s, Hawaii and the UK with The Down’s.

He loved Rome, England and Germany.

1984 was a big year on Jubilee Farm for Len.

As a proud father, he saw Geoffrey and Sandra get married, followed by Leanne and Frank.

Len was hopeful for some grandchildren to help with things on the farm.

In 1986, Len’s first granddaughter, Michelle was born, followed by twins, Carla and Jane in 1991, only grandson, Scott in 1994 and the baby of the family, Teagan was born in 1996.

In his later years, Len enjoyed the small things in life like a beer and a yarn with neighbours, friends and family.

In 2012, Len was recognised for 60 years of service with the Rural fire service.

Keeping him on his toes, Len became a GREAT grandfather to Mason in 2010, twins Harry & Flynn in 2012 and most recently his first GREAT granddaughter Bridie in 2015.

Right up until the last few weeks, Len was riding his quad bike around the farm and checking the sheep with his trusty dog, Becky.