Beware of scams as tax time arrives

Beware of scams as tax time arrives

The Lachlan Local Area Command has issued a warning to local residents to beware of tax scams as tax time arrives for 2016.

Police have received a number of enquiries from members of the community about people being contacted by phone by people claiming they are from the tax office.

The caller states the person owes money and if they do not pay it immediately, a warrant will be signed for their arrest.

Police said the Australian Tax Office does not operate like this, nor are warrants “signed” in this way.

“We often see this type of scam pop up at this time of year,” said Lachlan Local Area Command crime prevention officer Senior Constable Daniel Greef.

“We all need to remain vigilant when taking phone calls as scammers have a variety of methods they use. It doesn’t mean we should be scared, we all just need to be cautious and aware to recognise scams.”

Senior Constable Greef encouraged people to hang up and do not respond if they receive a call from someone claiming they have an arrest warrant and demand you pay a fee.

He also recommended people to call the body directly, if they have concerns about the identity of any caller claiming to be from a government department.