From the ashes, good things grow!

In 2014 the Volunteer Fire Fighters Association of NSW (VFFA) ran a photo competition and invited members to submit any fire related photos for inclusion in its magazine; The Volunteer Firefighter. 

The prize offered was $1,000 worth of equipment for the brigade of their own choice. 

The winning photo was submitted by Trundle man, Andrew Rawsthorne, Deputy Captain of the Bruie Plains Rural Fire Brigade. 

The winning photo was taken in 2014 at a fire in the Tullamore area with Peter Kelly overlooking the property of ‘Moira’ Kadungle (see above). 

The equipment requested by the brigade as a result of its win, were two fridges that could be placed in their fire trucks to keep the drinks cold while out on the fire ground.

Former Parkes fire officer,  Greg Godde, now Secretary of the VFFA, along with fellow Executive members, Peter Cannon and Tony Ellis, visited the station to present the Bruie Plains RFB with two new Engel fridges. 

- - - - - -

The NSW Volunteer Fire Fighters Association (VFFA) is an independent volunteer organisation representing the views and issues that affect volunteer rural fire fighters in NSW.

The VFFA was formed in October 2004 by Peter Cannon who is a Group Captain with the Mid Lachlan Team.

“It came about after the then State Government, RFS and National Parks and Wildlife Service wouldn’t take an interest in our concerns into fire safety matters following the aftermath of the 2001 fires in the Goobang National Park,” secretary Greg Goode said.

“Peter felt that volunteer firefighters weren’t being given a fair representation within the Rural Fire Service Association (RFSA).”

Thus the VFFA was born.

“The VFFA structure saw the need for a means where by the voice of the Volunteers could be represented at RFS State Headquarters and with the NSW Government. 

“We have a constitution and regional representatives in place to support our members.”

From its inception, the VFFA has been about representing the interests of Volunteers. 

“The Executive Council meets regularly as a forum for members who may have ideas, suggestions and issues about the New South Wales Rural Fire Service,” Greg said. 

“These ideas are then discussed and representations made to relevant departments within the New South Wales Government.”

For more information or to join, which is free, please visit the VFFA website: