Drug-affected man jailed for multiple offences

Drug-affected man jailed for multiple offences

A drug-affected Grant Elton King smashed the glass panel between him and police officers he was arrested by and made threats of violence against them as they drove to the station - but that wasn't the end of his offences.

The next day when King, 36, was refused bail and despite being handcuffed with his arms behind him he stepped up on to the hand rail of the dock at the courthouse at Parkes and refused to get down.

Restraining him took four officers who resorted to using capsicum spray because King was aggressive and not compliant.

The court was evacuated.

In Dubbo Local Court this month magistrate Philip Stewart sentenced King to a 21-month term of imprisonment with a non-parole period of 15 months for intimidating police.

He imposed fixed terms of 12 months and eights months for destroying property and resisting police respectively.

King was found not guilty of a charge of attempting to escape police custody.

The magistrate also ordered $4042 in compensation be paid to NSW Police.

On January 8 King attended a bank in Forbes and was abusive to staff, resulting in police being called, Mr Stewart said in his judgement.

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The 36-year-old was within a distance restriction of two separate AVOs, served in December.

In custody on the way to Parkes Police Station, King, while under the effects of the drug known as ice, intimidated the two police officers and damaged the police vehicle.

He pleaded guilty on May 5 to contravene AVO and on May 15 to the destroy property, intimidate police and resist police matters, the day the matters were set for defended hearing.

In his judgement, Mr Stewart said the intimidate police matters fell towards the top of the scale for that type of offence.

Having convictions in the past, the offender was generally not assisted by his record, Mr Stewart said.

The magistrate noted the offences breached King's bail conditions for serious charges.

He also noted King's bail conditions specified he was not to take drugs unless prescribed by a doctor, and that a psychological report made reference to the offender being under the "heavy influence of the illicit substance ice" at the time of the intimidation and damage property matters.

Documents were tendered to establish King had successfully taken civil action against police in 2003 and 2006 and the psychologist was of the opinion the offender had a post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as substance abuse disorder and alcohol use disorder associated with the circumstances giving rise to the claims.

The psychologist was of the clinical opinion that King should seek alcohol and drug counselling and may benefit from psychological and psychiatric counselling.

Such a finding "clearly suggests" King's behaviour was "more the result of his drug addiction than his mental condition", the magistrate found. Mr Stewart noted immediately prior to the passing of sentence, the offender apologised in court to the police for his behaviour, which the magistrate said he accepted as an indication of "contrition and remorse".

The sentences were backdated to January 8, the day King entered custody and he will be eligible for release to parole on April 7 of next year.


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