Special assembly for school induction

Parkes Public School (PPS) inducted the 2015 school leaders at an official school assembly.

Student Prefects, AECG (Aboriginal Education Consultative Group) representatives and the sporting house captains and vice captains were all involved.

Students inducted into their various roles have met specific criteria to become representatives.

Guest speaker, Brenton Hawken, spoke to the assembly about leadership, values, aspiring to achieve your best and a few of the memories he has, as a student himself at PPS. 

Brenton was a prefect and house captain when he was in year 6 at PPS. 

Brenton left PPS and attended Parkes High School where he involved himself heavily, from year 7, in the Student Representative Council (SRC). 

In his final year of schooling Brenton had the privilege of being Parkes High School captain. 

The PPS prefect system is unique in the way that it gives all Year 6 children the opportunity to meet the guidelines and responsibilities in order to become a prefect. 

The AECG Representatives have a role and commitment to themselves and PPS by attending regular meetings with AECG members from schools within Parkes and discuss matters that arise or need attending to within the school and/or community. 

Sport house captains and vice captains were elected by their peers within the first few days of the school year. 

Those students elected are expected to lead through a display of positive participation and sportsmanship and involving all children in the many sporting opportunities that PPS is involved in.

To give the induction assembly a special touch and to make it a family celebration, family, carers and friends are invited to attend and pin the badge onto their child’s uniform. 

Mrs Breaden, PPS principal, along with staff attending the assembly, were thrilled congratulate the students on their achievement and wish them a successful year.

- - - - 

The school leaders are:

Boy captain – Zayne Ehsman

Girl captain – Libby Hoyle

Boy vice-captain – Brody Clarke

Girl vice-captain – Gracie Jones

Prefects - Hannah Allen, Caleb Barlow, Jacob Berry, Brody Clarke, Kaitlyn Cox, Katie Dunford, Libby Hoyle, Gracie Jones, Abbey Kennedy, Holly McColl, Melissa McCreadie, Alison Reeves, Alex Richardson-Bartley, Michael Riley, Joseph Seymour, Jade Verstegen, Declan Willoughby, Thomas Barnes, Cody Cantrell, Mitchell Cox, Luke Dixon, Chloe Drabsch, Jarrad Fletcher, Niomi Harrison, Emily Helm, Hanna Jefferay, Kasey Macdonald, Hannah Martyn, Tanisha McDonald, Angel-Louisa Pearce, Jessica Tassell, Makeely Vandyk, Jack Whitaker, Nikita Wood, Laura Rusten, Courtney Sinclair.

Sport House Captains, Vice captains:

Blaxland - Girl Captain: Chloe Drabsch; Boy Captain: Jai Thompson; Girl Vice Captain: Nikita Wood; Boy Vice Captain: Joseph Seymour.

Lawson -  Girl Captain: Hannah Martyn; Boy Captain: Dylan Jeffrey; Girl Vice Captain: Holly McColl; Boy Vice Captain: Mitchell Cox.

Mitchell - Girl Captain: Katie Dunford; Vice Captain: Hanna Jefferay (names of the boy captain and vice captain can not be published).

Wentworth - Girl Captain: Jessica Tassell; Boy Captain: Michael Riley; Girl Vice Captain: Abbey Kennedy; Boy Vice Captain: Tobey Thorne.


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