Parkes Telephone Exchange’s involvement with the Moon Landing

Parkes P.M.G (now Telstra) involvement was intensive.

The Parkes Telescope in conjunction with NASA’s Tidbinbila Tracking Station were given the task of receiving telemetry and pictures of the moon landing.

From the “Dish” an AWA radio link was set up to relay information from the lunar expedition to a radio repeater at Mt Coonambro near Parkes.

From there via radio links to Dubbo Exchange than a coaxial cable to Moree exchanges. Backup land lines were set up from the Dish to Parkes exchange.

Everything went smoothly (except for the very strong wind at the Dish).

The joyous reaction from all working in the Telescope Tower when Armstrong (took his one small step for man, and one giant leap for man kind.) was overwhelming. P.M.G Workers involved were Gordon Bennett, Spencer Anderson, Lionel Lyneham, Dennis Crute, Brian Symonds, Brian Garling, and Brian Coote.

Following the success with Apollo 11 C.S.I.R.O. contracted to support the subsequent missions.

Parkes was a prime station for the link between Earth and the luna module for Apollo 12, 14, 15, and 17, and was brought into the Manned Space Flight when emergencies occurred in the flight of Apollo 13 and 16.

We are 7 billion people alone in the assailable universe. So why can not we be happy and get along with each other?

I hope that our involvement with the moon landings put to rest that they were all a hoax.

- Brian Coote, Drouin, Victoria.

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