A first-hand account of the Know Your Midwife program, thoughts on Council Elections and a big thank you

Local Midwife Cath Byrnes with newborn Elsie Mae Ward. Cath cared for Elsie's mum Kellie through her pregnancy journey, birthing and their postnatal care.

Local Midwife Cath Byrnes with newborn Elsie Mae Ward. Cath cared for Elsie's mum Kellie through her pregnancy journey, birthing and their postnatal care.

The unique rural midwifery service ‘Know Your Midwife’ which helps provide a trusting and supportive relationship between families, their known midwife, GPs and the Lachlan Health Service continues to receive praise from local residents.

Local first time mum, Kellie Walker, shares her thoughts on the program...

I came to you scared anxious and uncertain, you asked if I felt safe and gave me the confidence that it was all going to be okay.

When I felt overwhelmed with all the changes in my body and life, you listened to what I was too afraid to say and showered me with so much love and care.

You directed me to other support networks and provided me with options that I could choose to accept or decline. I never once felt imposed upon.

When I was unsure if my baby was alright no matter what time day or night, you never once made me feel paranoid or inconvenient.

You tended to my anxiousness and worries until I was confident that the little being inside of me was healthy and safe inside her little cocoon.

When I came to my appointments stressed, rushed, emotional and restless, you provided a space for me to feel calm, loved, appreciated and protected. I left feeling steady and empowered. I always did looked forward to seeing you.

When I shared with you how I would like to bring life into this world, you supported and encouraged me with every decision I made, making sure I was well informed of all my options in the process.

You shared in my excitement and I could feel that you were genuine. You loved her and showed me that through your care.

When I came to you settled and calm, you noticed and smiled.

When the day came to welcome her into the world, you were there to hold my hand when I started to wonder if I could take anymore.

Just having you there with your hand on my knee helped me relax and do what needed to be done.

After, when I was bruised, bleeding and swollen, you were there to tend to my wounds and support the healing process.

When I felt overwhelmed and didn’t want any visitors, you were there to be my guard at the door and the tough love that I needed.

When we left the hospital and bought her home, You came to visit and shared in the excitement and gloriousness of it all. We had done it; together we bought her into this life. 

So thank you, Parkes Maternity Know Your Midwife. 

Kellie Walker


. . . . . 

Resident pleased with council election outcome

Dear Editor

For many years Parkes has been lucky enough to have extremely good local government without the problems that beset so many councils where candidates mostly represent political parties.

I was very pleased to see that our citizens have again voted for independence and hope that we will not see candidates allied to a political party standing again.

What a choice we had to make!  

With so many intelligent and talented people who just wished to serve their community, it was hard to choose.

So I would like to congratulate the new representatives and say thank you to all the others who missed out.

With our new team, we can look forward to another four years of good, truly representative local government.

Pam Nankivell


. . . . . 

Thumbs Up

A big thank you to Reece and Matt from Central West Marine and Mechanical (Parkes), for their help on Thursday afternoon (September 15) in regards to the towing job.

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